Sports are the best. The sound of grunts, the adrenaline rushing through your body, and you’re teammates squeezing hands with you in an emotional embrace – it’s hard to put into words how much sports mean to us and why we love them so much.

But there are moments in sports that transcend any of the above and become legendary. Moments that we’ll never forget and will forever be engrained in our minds. Here, are some of the best moments in sports history that we’ll never forget.


Section 1: The Greatest Moments in Sports

Rocky Marciano vs Joe Louis – July 8, 1952

The middleweight championship was one of the most coveted and hardest belts in the world to ever lay hands on. Marciano was widely known as the best boxer in history and Joe Louis was widely known as the most feared boxer of his era. 

The fight was a fight of destruction as Marciano found his way to the chin and nose of Louis, unable to finish. The finish of the fight saw Louis on the ropes, needing to get to his feet or else Marciano would fall on him and knock him out. 

Louis fought Marciano’s way off the ropes and found his home on the canvas, Marciano blocked the shot, and Louis was down for the count.

The event was a major event that brought people together.


Michael Jordan’s Flu Game

Michael Jordan didn’t have to play in his entire final series against the Magic due to an injury, but the Bulls star decided to play and help Chicago make it into the NBA Finals.

Jordan’s Lakers ended the Bulls championship hopes in a seven-game series, but the Bulls fan favourite played 31 of the final 36 minutes in Game Six in Los Angeles and grabbed 26 rebounds, and scored 50 points.

It’s one of the greatest individual performances in sports history. You have to see it to believe it, but if you have the chance, you definitely should:

Michael Jordan is just such an incredible player. I mean, it’s like no one else who has ever played this game.


The Miracle on Ice

What: A matchup of American and Soviet hockey teams.

When: February 22, 1980

Where: Lake Placid, NY

Team: USA

Notable Players: Mike Eruzione, Jim Craig, Mike Eruzione

What happened: A matchup of Soviet hockey players versus a ragtag team of Americans. The Soviets had dominated their opponents for several decades, winning the gold medal in five straight Olympic tournaments. 

The Americans, on the other hand, hadn’t been in the Olympics since the 1956 Games and had only won a single medal in their last seven tries.

In the quarterfinals, the Americans went up against the mighty Soviets, who had finished the tournament on a 16-game winning streak. The Soviet squad had nothing to lose and refused to be intimidated by the smaller team of Americans.


Kobe Bryant’s 81-point game

Kobe Bryant’s 81-point game against the Toronto Raptors in 2006 was an absolute stunner. When Bryant drove for a layup with 38 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, it was his 81st point of the night, and with him on the bench, Toronto had a chance to tie it. 

DeMar DeRozan drove the lane with a chance to put the Raptors ahead, but Bryant came flying in and blocked the shot at the rim and knocked the ball away as time expired.

Dwight Howard’s triple-double game

Going into the All-Star break in 2010, the Houston Rockets were about to take on the Oklahoma City Thunder in a crucial game. Then-Thunder forward Kevin Durant and Dwight Howard were at the top of their games, as Howard came into the game averaging 25.6 points and 13.



Sports have the potential to bring the best out of people and these moments prove that. They have the power to elevate the dignity and honour of sports . And the connections that we have to our fellow competitors and fans. 

They have the power to unite people in a common goal of having fun with a shared passion. Sports have the power to make you happy and for that reason. That’s the reason I love sports. for a more interesting please visit our website