With videos and GIFs taking over our socials by the second, it can be hard to see why static infographics are still worth investing in. We won’t argue that videos have proven to be an effective marketing tool for brands and content creators. However, static images, specifically infographics, continue to perform just as well.

Although you might be seeing a rise in moving images online, static images are still around and thriving. Despite the growing popularity of video content, there’s still a significant demand for static content today.

Infographics are a great example of static content that has made a mark in the content marketing industry throughout the years. What started as a way to display data in a digestible manner has grown into various types of content. Today, we can still see infographic content everywhere we go. Infographics come in different forms— video, animated, micro-content, and your go-to static infographic.

Brands and content creators love infographics because they do a great job of delivering complex content in a way that’s understandable for the reader or audience. Depending on their target audience, an infographic can come in in all kinds of formats. 

A static infographic is more common than you think. It’s the initial infographic that you would see on Pinterest boards, websites, and google images. Although video content has become more popular, we can still see that many brands and companies are still willing to invest in static infographics. 

Benefits of Hosting a Static Infographic

If you’re wondering why static infographics are still making waves in this day and age, you’re in luck. The reality is, infographics have the potential to go viral. In this article, we will tell you why brands love infographics and why you should host a static infographic.

Your audience doesn’t need to pause to read.

This first point might seem like a no-brainer, but you have to admit that sometimes reading a lot of text on videos can be frustrating. Especially if a “pause” button isn’t available. Instead of getting all the information you need, you spend more time figuring out what all the messages on the video are.

With infographics, you don’t need to worry about your audience missing out on pieces of content. They have the power and control to scroll through or pause on certain parts. Unlike videos, users can have a personalized experience with a static infographic on your site since they can read and take in all the information at their own pace. 

It’s a great way to deliver complicated information.

Static infographics are simple and easy to maneuver. They’re also an excellent sight for sore eyes but not too overwhelming that they’re hard to understand. Infographics are ideal for teaching complex subjects or data because of how they’re formatted. Most infographics display short paragraphs, compelling statistics, and vivid imagery.

Images are great companions for reading long bouts of text. Imagine learning a new subject with just a textbook. For a lucky few, textbooks might be enough to understand further information. However, for many of us, we need a bit of visual aid to help us understand and digest information. With infographics, users won’t get bored or lost in all the words, and they’ll be able to understand the message at the end of it all. 

An effective tool for increasing your web traffic.

Hosting a static infographic on your site can also bring in traffic and sales. There are various ways you can do this, but the most common method of using static infographics to bring in traffic is by link-building. 

Link-building is a common practice content marketers turn to when they want to boost their site’s SEO and traffic. Using an infographic as leverage, you can reach out to various sites and publications to offer to share the image on their site and link back to yours. Most of the time, you would need to provide an article or some content to go along with the infographic. However, when done consistently, this will help increase backlinks and traffic to your site.

Infographics are highly shareable.

Most websites allow visitors to share their content with ease, thanks to social media share buttons. This is an efficient and effective way to encourage visitors to share your content with their followers. On other platforms, you wouldn’t be able to bring in much traffic. However, with hosting an infographic on your website, there’s a bigger chance that people who’ve spotted your infographic on other platforms will end up visiting your site.

Since infographics are primarily images, they’re excellent for sharing around social media. They’ll certainly grab the attention of users all around, thanks to the generous use of visuals. 

An excellent way to increase your brand awareness

Infographics have a unique and effective way of delivering information to the audience. The use of interesting visuals and design elements are bound to capture the attention of many, and with this, your brand is guaranteed to have better recall value and visibility. 

Also, since static infographics are versatile and shareable on many platforms, it’s a good way to get your brand out there while providing extra value to your audience. Not to mention, you don’t need to spend too much time and energy crafting content from scratch since you can repurpose your infographic on different platforms. 

Wrapping Up

Infographics are excellent tools for marketing because they can deliver a large amount of information in a compact format. It’s also an engaging content format since users are free to scroll up or down at their own pace, unlike a sales video

Other than that, they are excellent investments since they can be repurposed and shared all over the Internet. This way, you won’t need to spend too many resources on crafting as much content as you can. Since infographics are highly shareable, you’ll be able to focus on getting the most out of your infographic by sharing it with as many people as you can on different platforms. 

In the end, static infographics still reign supreme. Every business or content creator should consider investing in one to boost their web traffic, SEO and provide value for their users. 

Author Bio

Ebnu is the Co-founder of Milkwhale, an internationally acknowledged infographic production agency. Graphic design and writing have always been a passion. Over the years at Milkwhale, the company has created and published numerous infographics and great visuals.