Cold hair dryers are also good for trimming your heating bill. If you’re like most people, it’s not the cost of your heating bill that bothers you as much as the amount of time it takes to dry your hair.

And while a cold-air hairdryer won’t save you money every time you use it, over the long term, less heat means less energy usage and a smaller bill.

Less heat also means less drying time, which can save on energy costs if you’re away from home for long stretches of time in winter.

Additionally, using less heat means less damage to both hair and scalp from the high temperatures that traditional hair dryers produce. Another added benefit is that less static electricity will be generated when drying your hair with a cold-air hairdryer if used correctly. 

The hot air from traditional blow dryers often causes static electricity in our hair by removing moisture from our strands and leaving them sticking up in all directions.

By switching to a cold-air hairdryer, we can prevent this uncomfortable condition by using it on its highest setting to remove excess moisture before then switching over to the cool-air setting at the end of our styling process, giving us shinier and healthier looking locks.

Cold hair dryers are handy for busy women on the go.

If you’re looking to save time in the morning, it will be hard to beat this type of hairdryer. In fact, the speed at which a cold hairdryer gets your hair dry might surprise you.

You might have heard someone say that cold air dries faster than hot air and wondered if this is true. How could cold air possibly dry anything?

Well, it does work and does so because of an effect called evaporative cooling. When water changes from a liquid state to a gaseous state (vapor), it requires energy, and this energy is take from the surrounding area.

As the water in your hair is turned into vapor by either heat or cold, it causes the loosening of the hydrogen bonds that hold together strands of keratin proteins and when these bonds loosen, they pull apart more easily and your hair becomes straighter as fewer hydrogen bonds are present.

Cold hair dryers can cut down on static electricity in hair.

Another benefit to these hair dryers is that they can help cut down on static electricity in your hair. Static electricity causes flyaways, which will ruin a good hairdo.

It can also contribute to an increase of tangles, a common struggle. By using a cold hairdryer, you’re reducing the chances of static building up and ruining your style.

Even more importantly: if you can avoid static electricity, you’ll be able to stop buying expensive products and appointments at the hairdresser’s salon.

When you get rid of static from your hair with a cold hair dryer, you’ll eliminate the need for all those specialized anti-frizz serums or deep conditioning treatments at the salon.

Cold hair dryers are less expensive and do a lot of the same things as traditional hot hairdryers.

These hair dryers are cheaper than traditional hot hairdryers. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, a cold hairdryer is perfect. In addition, you won’t need to buy a separate diffuser or concentrator attachment because they usually come with them.

Cold dryers do just as much as hot hairdryers without the heat. You can get the same results in half the time and without worrying about damaging your hair or drying it out with too much heat.