People are known to have different hobbies. Some love to collect rare stamps, others gather old coins. Amid all the same and insane hobbies will you be told that being obsessed with butterflies is a hobby of a kind? but Lepidopterists are people who love butterflies and are inquisitive to know about wonderful insects. Next time you hear someone saying they are lepidopterists you know what they mean and in case you decide to surprise them with gifts on any special occasion this list of useful gifts will help you out.

Dancing butterfly puzzle

A dancing butterfly puzzle is a great leisure board game for anyone enthralled by the beauty of butterflies.

Butterfly print midi dress

A flowy midi dress with gorgeous butterfly prints is a thumbs up for anyone wanting to wear extraordinarily designed dresses.

A sparkly butterfly pendant

A beautiful butterfly pendant with its intricate detailing and shimmering beauty will stun the receiver.

Butterfly themed cake

Untimely gorgeous cakes themed after delicate butterflies are a great way of giving a sweet treat. but choose an online cake store to discover various designs and flavour.

‘Life is all about beautiful transformation’ wall art

The best thing about butterflies is that they hold on to life, tackle difficult times to evolve into something very beautiful. but they are a source of inspiration and meaningful wall art with the doddle of their journey and a motivated quiet makes an excellent gift.

Caterpillar slippers

A fuzzy caterpillar slipper is great for anyone who loves to have warm feet during night hours

and doesn’t want cold floors to bother them during late-night walks around the hall.

A butterfly print scarf

A beautiful scarf with butterfly print is the best gift for anyone but a liking for having a collection of scarfs with different colors and patterns.

Personalized hairband

A personalized butterfly hairband is an adorable piece of accessory for lepidopterists.

‘Rise against all odds’ t-shirt

Again drawing motivation from butterflies, a rise against all odds t-shirt is a simple meaningful gift.

Cute embellished butterfly hair clips

Cute hair accessories are got to be your go gift for stylish lepidopterists who love dressing up and trying out fun hairstyles.

Butterfly brooch

An elegant butterfly brooch is everything one needs to give a finishing touch to a shimmering saree or subtle kurta set.

Stone diffuser

A fragrant stone diffuser will give the feeling of being in the middle of a meadow inside the same old room but also work as a rejuvenating freshener

An advanced  butterfly encyclopedia

If someone is interested in something they are bound to be curious

about every minute thing. but an advanced encyclopedia is the

best gift that would encourage them to live their hobby to know

about these beautiful insects and gain valuable insights into their life processes.

‘Grow, bloom, repeat’ cup

A ceramic cup with a matching lid with a beautiful calligraphy print of grow, bloom, repeat is a useful everyday gift.

Butterfly printed journal

Giving a personalized journal is so fulfilling. If you are ready to make some extra effort to give something personal then

an everyday journal with beautiful breeds of butterflies print at regular intervals inside the journal is an exceptional gift.  but Just like online cake delivery in Guwahati, you can get these types of custom journals from online stores.

Butterfly printed silk pillowcase

Lovely pillow covers with gorgeous buttery prints are a great gift for

decorating the living room space but also fluffy pillows and cushions.

Butterfly stud earrings

Minimalist stud earrings could do wonders and when they are in the shape of gorgeous butterflies, any lepidopterists  would go can’t over them

Custom butterfly cookie cutter

Custom cookie cutters in the shapes of a flying butterfly will make the cookies of your favorite lepidopterist special with unique shapes.