Women love makeup. We all love to get dolled up and get amazing compliments from our friends. But, for many women doing makeup is a challenging task. They feel that the entire process is too complicated. But, if you have access to makeup tips, you will do it instantly. In this article we have come up with a few basic beauty tips that will increase your glam quotient. 

So, no matter if you have to attend an office meeting or you want to go to a party, these basic beauty tips will help you. 

This article will help you in knowing what to do before applying makeup, what are the simple tips that you can follow and how to get a flawless look. So, if you are ready, we can start out basic makeup tip:

Wash your face

The first step that you need to carry out before starting makeup is to use a good quality cleanser to wash your face. People who have dry skin should try to use a cream-based cleaner while people with oily skin should try to have a gel-based cleanser.

Use a good toner

This is another essential step that will help you in getting rid of excess oil from your skin. People who have oily skin texture should try to reduce the amount of oil by using a good toner. You can use a good quality cotton ball to dab toner over your face and neck.

Use moisturizer

Most people have a cakey makeup look because they don’t use good quality moisturiser. Moisturizer can break or make your makeup look. Thus, try to hydrate your skin by using good quality moisturiser. 

Including moisturizer in your everyday makeup look will also help you in getting a smooth finish of the makeup. People with dry and sensitive skin should try to go for oil-based moisturizer. But, people with oily skin should try to opt for water-based moisturizer.

Begin the process with a primer

Primer is the most important makeup item that most people forget to use. The use of primer sets the base for your makeup. Thus, you will have a smooth appearance. You can try to go for a face primer that can suit your skin properly. You can also choose options that are a good cross between makeup primers and moisturisers. 

Use a good concealer

In simple terms, concealers can help you in hiding dark circles and blemishes. It helps in color correction and will help you to mask the dark spots, blemishes, and pores. Try to choose concealers that are two shades lighter than your skin.

Apply foundation evenly

Applying foundation is an art and you need to know this art if you want to get a perfect makeup look. The foundation has the ability to even out your skin tone and it also makes your face look bright. Try to choose the right foundation shade that you can apply as per your skin type and your complexion. You should always use a sponge to blend out the foundation evenly on your skin.

Single color eyeshadow

If you are not going for an event like Met Gala, you should try to use a single color eyeshadow. Sweep the eyeshadow softly on your eyelids. You can try neutral tones for an everyday look. 

Define your eyes

A good eye makeup can make you stand out from others. Begin the process by lining the waterline. Many women find it difficult to apply eyeliner on the lash line. Even if you don’t know how to apply eyeliner, you will be comfortable with a few days of practice. You can try different ways of applying eyeliner. Different varieties of eyeliner work differently. Thus, make sure to apply it accordingly. 

Lip color

Your makeup is not complete until you choose the right lip color. Before applying lipstick or lip color, try to scrub away the dry skin from your lip area. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips before applying lipstick. Choose a lip color that can complement your entire makeup look. You can also use a lipliner if you are unable to fill lipstick properly on the edges. 

So, use all these makeup tips and let us know if it worked for you or not.