If you’re like most people, your New Year’s resolution included the goal of getting fit or losing weight in the upcoming year. How do you plan to achieve this? You may have even tried one of the many trendy workout programs or apps available today that are guaranteed to give you results in just two weeks! If so, you’re not alone more than half of Americans set fitness goals each year with high hopes, but statistics show that about 90% of people who make resolutions ultimately fail to achieve them within six months. Why does this happen? It comes down to one thing: individual differences.

What Are Individual Differences?

Many people think that diet, exercise, and metabolism are what dictate weight loss. And yes, these are factors… but only if you have a certain body type. Each person has certain genetics and body composition that plays a role in losing or gaining weight. There is no one diet plan out there that will work for every single person on Earth; 

science has proven that different diets work for different people. So why does every fitness magazine claim their muscles blaze workout program is the best? Because it works for them but it might not work for you! Individual differences are often overlooked by science because no two labs do an experiment exactly alike.

Understanding and Accepting the Role of Personality in Exercise Motivation

According to multiple studies, your personality is an incredibly important factor in how much and what type of exercise you’ll be able to stick with. The most significant takeaway from one study published in Personality and Individual Differences (September 2012) is that people who are more introverted are generally less willing and able to exercise. 

In fact, even when physical activity was made part of their job, they reported being less happy about it than their extroverted colleagues did. On top of that, another study out of Harvard University found that at least one-third of individuals will stop exercising completely within six months if they don’t enjoy it right away.

Do I Have a Healthy Relationship with Exercise?

Am I too tough on myself? Too permissive? Not flexible enough? Paying too much attention to my day-to-day exercise performance or not enough? Am I more of a results person, or an effort person? Which am I now, and which do I want to be tomorrow? 

These are all questions that you need answers to if you’re going to achieve your fitness goals and have a healthy relationship with exercise. If you don’t know where you stand in these areas, chances are pretty good that it’s impacting your efforts (whether you realize it or not). Here are some ideas for digging into your own answers.

How Much Does Stress Play a Role in My Exercise Motivation?

Stress and anxiety can play a huge role in your ability to stick with an exercise routine. Exercise is often city as one of the best methods for dealing with anxiety and depression, but stress isn’t always easy to manage. If you’re a chronic over-thinker or you have trouble coping with your thoughts and emotions, it might be worth checking out an online program like MoodGYM. 

This is an interactive, educational program that teaches you how to identify stressful thinking patterns, so you can deal with them in a more positive way. The course also gives step-by-step instructions on how to meditate along with many other strategies for managing stress.

What Should I Know About My Genes Before Changing My Workout Routine?

Research published in PLOS ONE and The Journal of Physiology confirms that those with a specific gene sequence can’t burn fat like other people. Instead, these people should focus on building Musclesblaze mass through strength training. 

This gene is call PPARG, and it plays a significant role in how your body metabolizes fat. Fortunately, while you can’t change your genes (yet), you can tweak your workout routine based on what you learn from research like these findings. For example, if you find out that you have fat-burning genes (like me), then dedicate yourself to weight training above all else—it’ll help maximize your natural abilities.