How to Spot Fake Moissanite Earrings?

Moissanite earrings are very popular as a diamond alternative due to their beautiful sparkle and affordable price point. However, it’s often hard to tell if you’re buying the real thing or if you’re getting duped into buying the fake! In this guide, I will walk you through everything you need to know about spotting fake moissanite earrings from reputable vendors and how to spot them from disreputable sellers.

What Are Moissanite Earrings?

A Gemstone Like No Other. What makes moissanite earrings so popular? There are several different reasons for that. First of all, moissanite has some unique properties that set it apart from many other gemstones. Second, it is often perceived as an affordable substitute for diamonds—making it a favourite among brides-to-be on a budget. 

But there’s more to these beautiful pieces than meets the eye… and you may be surprised at what you find! Let’s take a closer look at what makes moissanite earrings so popular. ​​Moissanite vs Diamond: Similarities & Differences. The first thing most people notice about moissanite earrings is their incredible sparkle and shine. They also have a higher refractive index than diamonds (2.65 compared to 2.42), which means they can appear even brighter when worn in jewellery settings with similar dimensions as diamond studs or hoops. This can make them seem like a less expensive alternative to genuine diamond jewellery… but don’t let appearances fool you!

5 Reasons Why People Wear Diamonds.

Despite thousands of years of cultural heritage, diamonds are still worn as jewellery. Why? Well, for one thing, they look good on almost everyone—they’re beautiful and sparkly. But another important reason is because of what they represent: romance, love and commitment. Of course, you don’t have to engage or married to wear Moissanite Earrings; even someone who simply believes in its powers can wear one happily! If you have your heart set on diamonds, but don’t want all that fussy cutting and polishing that makes them so expensive, then consider moissanite earrings instead. They might not make from real diamonds, but they certainly do look like it. And there’s nothing wrong with that! After all, if you like how something looks, who cares where it comes from? Here are five reasons why people wear diamond earrings…and why those same people should think about wearing moissanite instead.

3 Most Popular Types Of Diamonds.

Synthetic diamonds are know by several names, such as lab-grown, man-made, or synthetic. Other diamond types include mined or natural diamonds. There are a few key differences between these three categories. Synthetic diamonds have identical chemical and physical properties to mined diamonds. Some consumers find these facts troubling; however, others think it’s beneficial to use a diamond that is more ethical and environmentally friendly than its mined counterpart. Mined and synthetic diamonds tend to cost less than other diamond types because they aren’t often use in fine jewellery pieces.

 As you can see, many different things come into play when choosing a Moissanite Earrings or jewellery piece. It’s important to do your research before making any decisions about your purchase. The Internet has made it easier than ever for people to buy their jewellery online without ever having seen it in person. However, with so much information available on every website, some may get confused about what type of stone they should choose for their purchase. If you want to learn more about how to spot fake moissanite earrings, keep reading!

Is This Real, Or Is It A Fake?

With an exploding Moissanite Earrings market, everything seems to be available online. This includes gorgeous jewellery at very low prices. The cheapest items aren’t always faked, but in today’s marketplace, you can easily stumble upon inexpensive moissanite wedding bands made from fake materials. 

These faux products are hard to distinguish from their authentic counterparts. So how do you tell if a ring is real or fake? First and foremost, ask for some kind of certification or test report when purchasing anything that appears too good to be true. Many reputable dealers will offer these options for free so don’t be afraid to ask; it could save you hundreds of dollars down the road by ensuring your expensive purchase isn’t made from tungsten carbide or synthetic moissanite!