A poplin shirt, like the Edward 1230, is one of the most common and popular shirt styles. However, the name does not have widespread recognition among individuals. It was also the first material used for formal shirts, so if you’ve ever worn a suit, it’s likely that you wore a poplin shirt with it. If you’ve never worn a suit, you may have never worn a poplin shirt.

Continue reading to learn more about this shirt style which is a part of your wardrobe but is frequently unfamiliar to people.

Made from cotton poplin fabric, which may also contain a mix of other textiles to achieve additional desirable properties. The combination of fine yarns and a straightforward weaving technique results in a fabric that is silky, crisp, and tightly knit. The end product has a shiny surface with ribs in extremely minute, horizontal lines. Poplin is a fabric that is frequently utilized in men’s shirts. Due to its smooth finish, it is particularly popular when it comes to the wearing of formal attire.

Where You Can Wear A Poplin Shirt?

Good news! A poplin shirt requires only a little upkeep. No need to dry clean it isn’t prone to stains and is naturally wrinkle-proof. This type of clothing is often composed of cotton, which makes it easy to remove odors. The poplin shirt is also breathable and softer than a twill shirt, so if you’ve tried one and are looking for a change, this might be the best option for you.

In spite of the fact that poplin is frequently seen in formal attire like suits and black ties, it is extremely flexible. A modest yet polished style is quite easy to achieve by wearing a pristine poplin shirt with trousers and a jacket.

Get The Fit Right

Measure yourself so your ensemble is as crisp as your poplin shirt. A well-fitted shirt may completely transform an outfit.

Measure your collar, sleeve length, shoulder width, and waist to get your hands on a shirt that fits perfectly. If the job is fiddly, ask for help. If you have a perfect-fitting shirt, you can measure it. Brands’ sizes can vary slightly.

Next, check out our sizing guide. Always make sure to take measurements of your body in a natural position. You can get two sizes to check which fits best. As it’s definitely not too much fun to wear a shirt that’s too tight.

Style your Poplin shirt

Poplin isn’t just for formalwear, despite its reputation. Poplin shirts are wardrobe essentials since they’re easy to dress up or down. Here’s how to wear one.

Formals And Semi Formals

Black-tie parties! Poplin shirts feature a smooth, crisp, silky (but never shiny) surface that’s great for formal wear. It’s quite impossible to go wrong with a fresh white poplin shirt. Pair it with a formal suit for weddings, balls, or banquets.

For semi-formal events, pair with a poplin shirt. Reduce formal accouterments for a relaxed semi-formal look. Jackets, shoes, cufflinks, ties, and a pocket square can formalize an outfit.

Business-Casual And Smart-Casual

Poplin shirts are easy to tone down while still looking classy. Pair with a jacket (or don’t), remove the tie, and forego the suit for trousers and suede monk shoes or slimline sneakers.

This style emphasizes modern shapes and fabrics. You may try suits in neutrals or bright block colors instead of black and navy. Or try tweed, linen, or a check fabric to match with a poplin shirt. If you’re heading from day to night or after work, add a jacket.


A white poplin shirt or another neutral color might make a terrific semi-casual base. It’s also a bit sharper, which is fantastic if you work from home and spend your days off at home.

You can layer jeans, trousers, or chinos with a sweatshirt, jumper, sweater vest, or jacket. Don’t overthink it—wear poplin with sneakers and jeans. In a casual setting, you can play with color, texture, and style.

Take Your Look To A Whole New Level With Poplin Shirts

The Edward 1230 short sleeve poplin shirt is an excellent addition to any wardrobe. Mainly because it is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down with ease depending on the occasion or location. Poplin is a flexible fabric because it can successfully bridge the gap between more formal and more relaxed settings.