MBA admission or planning to enroll in one of India’s top business schools in order to excel at your MBA and prepare for a rewarding corporate career? If you only have a few weeks or months to prepare for your MBA education and want to make the most of your time, here are some things you should know before diving in. Well, If you are applying for MFin in Singapore then you should have to choose some of the steps. A good MBA program requires a significant investment of time, money, and effort, so preparing for B-school campus life ahead of time is advisable.

We will cover the following important Pre-MBA preparations:

  • Pre MBA courses 
  • Primary Internship for an MBA
  • Networking and Social Media 
  • MBA  Product Management Jobs


Pre MBA Courses are short-term courses that MBA in Marketing candidates take before enrolling in the entire MBA program.

These Pre MBA Courses in India are provided by various B-schools and specialized institutes through online platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, Edex, and others. The good news is that most of these Pre MBA courses in India are free, with only exam/certification fees.

Why should you take these courses, and what are the key topics?

Because MBA students come from a variety of educational backgrounds, it is a good idea to study the fundamentals of the following subjects, as they serve as the foundation for many important MBA courses such as finance, quantitative methods, data analytics, and so on:


Understanding key accounting concepts and being able to read income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements will be extremely beneficial while pursuing your MBA. How to Apply the Time Value of Money to Asset Valuation Project capital budgeting calculating a company’s worth Learn how to solve a portfolio selection problem. You can apply for MFin in Ireland.


 You should try to grasp basic financial concepts such as:

  • How to Apply the Time Value of Money to Asset Valuation
  • Project capital budgeting
  • calculating a company’s worth
  • Learn how to solve a portfolio selection problem.


All programs and most jobs in business require some math, especially in quantitative subjects like accounting, economics, and finance. To succeed in your studies, you must first master fundamental business math skills.


You must be familiar with MS Excel and MS PowerPoint, in addition to having a basic understanding of Finance & and accounting Statistics & Math. You’ll need them every day of your program.


Pre-MBA Internship is a well-known culture in the United States and Europe, where many companies and institutes have established intensive pre-MBA programs. Pre-MBA students in India who do not have prior work experience are increasingly seeking more substantial internship experiences (4-12 weeks) to gain exposure to the real corporate world. This greatly assists them in relating theory taught at B-schools to corporate practices and earning the best Pre Work Experience.


B-School provides an excellent networking opportunity. Some friendships and bonds you from here will most likely last a lifetime and may even lead to professional opportunities. Check out: MFin in Europe.


In general, product management interviews necessitate preparation for five types of cases: guesstimates,

new product design, metrics, go-to-market strategy, and pricing cases. Guesstimates demand that the student estimate the value of a specific target using known values and calculated logical guesses.

Product management guesstimates are a mix of traditional guesses,

such as the number of people who buy a washing machine in India each year, and technical guesses,

such as the average number of posts made by an Indian on Instagram per day. Metrics questions involve defining goals and quantifying the product’s success.


  • Graduates of this field specialize in areas such as strategic planning, economics, financial analysis, consumer behavior, business trends, sales, and marketing.
  • Digital Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Analytics, Pricing but also, Market Oriented Strategy Planning, Retail Management, and other topics will be covered.
  • Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Sales Manager, Market Research Analyst, Digital Marketing Specialist, and other common marketing job titles


Overall, an MBA in Marketing is concerned with the marketing and sale of a company’s products and services. Professionals make decisions about public relations, advertising, communication, and other aspects that aid in the development of their brand’s image and the promotion of their products. They devise strategies to promote the company, its products, and services via various online and offline channels.

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