‍Before you start researching, gathering information, and writing your paper, ensure you properly understand how to reference sources. Doing so can spare you from having to spend time and effort tracking down obscure sources or struggle to provide your references with proper citations; online Assignment Help websites can help with this. 

The term “referenced” usually means a source used in another source. Without good citation practices, your work will be poorly cited, and your paper will look like an amateur’s attempt at academic writing, while others who have access to more resources than you will shine with pride across the board. 

In this blog post, we take you through the different sources and how to cite them properly in academic writing. In the next section, we show you how to avoid plagiarizing when using Google Fusion Tables as a resource for your Paper.


What is a citation?

A citation is a statement that explains how and where a piece of writing or data was discovered. The citation format is usually a combination of the IAS, APA, and Chicago style rules with additional details

specific to individual disciplines, such as How to cite a source in an academic paper.

The source in an academic paper is usually the original paper you are citing. When you are citing a book, article,

or another source, include a note at the top of the page that consists of the title of the source, the author,

and the institution where the source was published. At the bottom of the note, include the citation format for the source. 

You can also have the following information in the note: the journal or other publisher where the source appears,

the date of publication, the number of pages in the article, and the URL or hyperlink to the source. If the source is a blog or other online source,

include a hyperlink to the URL or web address rather than a citation.


The importance of properly citing sources

When learning to cite sources in academic papers, you will soon realize that proper citation is the most critical skill you can have. Not citing a source properly can regularly lead to plagiarism charges or worse, even in cases of academic dishonesty. 

Such costs are expensive and time-consuming to fight, so it’s best to avoid those pitfalls as much as possible. You don’t have to be the best writer in the class to cite sources correctly; anyone can learn to cite sources correctly with practice or seek online assignment help.


The most common types of citations in academia

In this section, we list the most common types of citations you’ll see in academic papers. Although each type has its unique citation style, you can use the formatting guidelines in this section to create a standard, reliable citation for all your works in the field.

Plagiarism and Google Fusion Tables

Google Fusion Tables (GFTV) is a free online database that allows you to make research-based projections and projections that incorporate qualitative and quantitative data. The database is searchable by topic, author, and subject matter, so you can find many types of data sources within a single table. GFTV also offers pre-populated citation formats, which can help you avoid plagiarism charges. 

However, GFTV is not the only source of information regarding plagiarism other databases are also affect by plagiarism. Other problems related to plagiarism can also occur with Google Fusion Tables. For example, if you source a lot of information from multiple websites or publications, you might end up with many duplicate entries. When you submit a project to grade base on the data you’ve enter, it is easy to miss this problem because you’ve been so focus on the original research.


Summing up

Regarding citations, the most important thing you can do is be consistent with your style. As we’ve seen, there are many different citation styles in the world of academia, and even within a single discipline, there are differences in how other authors use citations. So, always reference your sources correctly and use consistent citation styles.

When you’re done with your paper, ensure that all your citations are in order and properly cited. Then, apply some formatting to your work to make it look professional. Paper writing services help many students to format their papers and make them look professional. Finally, if you want, try to improve your citations by searching for other articles that use the same reference style as you do.

Now that you know how to cite sources properly, it’s time to start writing!