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In recent times, many Muslims are seeking to master Noorani Qaida on the internet as an efficient and fundamental step to master Quran online.

This is why Aya Institute has decided to provide the Online Noorani Qaida courses as a prerequisite to its extensive courses like “Quran Recitation with Tajweed Course” and “Hifz Quran and Tajweed Course”.

FREE Noorani Qaida class delivered by Aya’s expert Quran tutors makes it simple for anyone to study Quran for those who are new to the subject. but no matter if you are a child or adult Noorani Qaida is crucial to establishing an enduring foundation for Quran learning.

This article will come to know the essence of Noorani Qaida? Why should we learn Noorani Qaida? What lessons do we have to learn from Noorani Qaida?

What’s Noorani Qaida? (Definition)

“Noorani Qaida” or “Qaida” is an outstanding book that is use extensively to master Quran basic concepts through Quranic passages using a quick and easy method. In addition, it’s the most effective method to learn Tajweed for people who are just beginning and those who are not familiar with the language “Noorani Qaida” book was write in the hands of sheik Noor Muhammed Haqqani from India.

The name was derive from the man “Al-Qaidah An-Noraniah”. It is now told throughout the world.

It was created to a tool for non-Arabic-speaking Muslims in mind. and aids users to master Quran understanding regardless of whether they don’t have previous knowledge about the Arabic language.

This book by Noorani Qaida comprises 17 chapters that teach how to read the alphabet as well as words and reading the complete verses of the Quran as well as the fundamental Tajweed guidelines.

Why should you learn Noorani Qaida?

The value that lies in “Noorani Qaida” book is in the method and the sequence

that is use within this publication to master

how to speak the Arabic dialect all over and Quran reading in particular.

The book begins by introducing the Alphabet and then gradually guides

students from basic to more complex letters, Quranic verses, and Tajweed.

“The Qaida” book contains a variety of exercises made up of Quranic words

and letters which help you learn the basics of alphabets in a fun and efficient way.

Furthermore, the new version of the “Noorani Qaida” booklet includes the color code

which makes it easier to read the alphabet and helps develop knowledge of Tajweed.

And, of course, tajweed rules are organized into smaller sections, making it simple to comprehend.

Noorani Qaida is a reference to Quran Recitation. It has proved through the years that those who study Noorani Qaida prior to starting to study Quran using Tajweed can comprehend the Holy Quran much better.


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How do I learn about Noorani Qaida?

There are two methods to master Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida on Your Own.

Noorani Qaida from a professional Quran Instructor.

Learn Noorani Qaida

Discover Noorani Qaida Online with Professional Quran Teachers.

If you don’t have a prior understanding of the Arabic language or you are not able to make the effort in your schedule to instruct Noorani Qaida to the children. Then you need to take help from professional qualified online Quran instructors to master Noorani Qaida.

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In a short period of time the kids or you will be able to read the Quran effortlessly and without making mistakes. The Quran teacher makes learning simple and easy.