Action figures boxes and toys are some of the best ways that entertain kids and offer multiple learning opportunities. It is available in versatile materials, but you can use soft plastic to make your toys for small kids. On the other hand, hard plastic and heavy toys are also the best options for young kids. 

The craze to playing video games never affects the demand for action figures, and also, most of the toys create as per the characters of some famous video games. Action figures manufacturers use esthetic design, customized sizes, trays, inserts, and many other options to make action figurine packaging fabulous. Now it’s time to why see action figure boxes need unique font styles.

Why Unique Font Style Is Matter for Action Figure Packaging?

The outer look of your toy packaging makes the first impression on the mind of customers. So, if you properly design your action figure boxes that look fabulous, you can win the hearts of people and build your distinctive place in the industry. To copy other toys’ font style, It looks cheap and makes you copycat in customers’ eyes. 

Hence, you need to pick catchy colours and for your text that makes your font style fetching for the target audiences. Now it’s time to jump what things you need to follow to make your packaging’s text readable and decent. 

Consider the Basic Font Styles

As a toy manufacturer, if you want to select text style for your custom action figure box, you must know about the basic styles of fonts that make you fabulous. Some fonts are easy to read, and some give a classical look to your boxes. Just keep in mind need your font style must be attractive, particularly for your target audiences. 


This font style is classic, refined, traditional, and conservative. It looks like Times New Roman and Georgia font families.


Such font styles have a clean, simple, geometric, and modern look. It contains Calibri, Arial, Helvetica, and HoloLens. 

Slab Serifs-

These font styles are rustic, vintage, and masculine. It contains Nouveau slab serif, Kompakt, Bogart, and Grover slab. Also, SONY, VOLVO, HONDA, and Marlboro is the best example of slab serif fonts.


These fonts’ styles are bespoke, casual, approachable, and customized. It includes Lucida Calligraphy, Segoe Print, and Mistral font styles.



Such type of font style are famines, ornate, elegant, and refined. Plus, these font styles are also a handful and cursive. Segoe Script, Lucida Handwriting, Edwardian Script, and Kunstler Script are examples of script font styles.


It shows your novelty, funky, unusual, and typewriter effects. These fonts are come in versatile shapes and styles as per your interest. It includes inlined, ultra-bold, and ultra-light fonts styles. 

So, choose the right font style as per your interest that you display in front of your target audiences. 

Pay Attention to Demographics Role for Font Styles

To pay in choosing the right font style for your action figure packaging, invest your resources in smart options. You must know your audiences and get info about their age range and their specific interest. Also, you need to be clear about your goals either you offer soft products, dolls, educational toys, or all in one under the umbrella.

If you want to sell dolls and their accessories to know how much kids are interested in them. If you can offer star wars action figures, how much is it possible to grasp kids’ attention according to their age?

Focus on Legibility of Fonts Choose 

Your printing text must be legible and easy to read to your users. For example, small kids are not able to read complex calligraphy writing. So, it has the option that maybe your kids do not take an interest in your toys and do not understand the brand message. So, you need to apply bold and attractive font styles to engage them. 

Choose Visible Weight of Fonts Style For Your Audiences


Every font style has its weight that you must consider. The weight ranges of font styles are like hair-thin to super pat and thick. It also includes the weight variation condensed tightly to spacy and broad. Well, if you like thin font’s style looks awesome on a billboard. However, it vanishes on a business card at a small point. So, you need to pick the perfect weight of font style for your action figure display packaging cases. 

Your font Style Must be Meeting the Need of Action Figure Industry 

The font style that you select for your action figure packaging must fulfil your needs. It does not mean that you can choose a simple style that does not look attractive for kids. Sometimes, you can use fonts perfect for the pharmaceutical industry but not better for toy packaging. So, for action figures packaging, you need to pick the font style that looks funky and captivating, especially for kids. Here are some funny font styles that some designers offer for you. 

  • Franky Toy fonts 
  • Toy train fonts by West Wind Fonts 
  • Use of teddy in every font 
  • Ji toy train fonts, particularly for logo 
  • Kids club font’s styles 

Never Merge Too Much Font Style For One Packaging 

The most important chunk you must check when choosing font styles is never to merge too much font style for one box. You can use more than two or three different styles for designing your logo and other packaging text.

The major brand name should be one font and other supported content, for example, slogan, taglines. Plus, if you can mention the brand establishment date on your action figure boxes, you can use font style for them and other product information. 

Search Online Library’s for Free and Paid Font Style

So, you can search many online font libraries that offer unique and distinctive font styles for you’re free of cost. So, visit the enlisting libraries for free font styles. 

  • Adobe Fonts 
  • Behance 
  • Google Fonts
  • Colophon Foundry 

Well, if you want to check some paid plate forms for more quality and stylish font styles, then visit MyFonts, Linotype, and Creative Market. 

Ending Up Thoughts 

The above discussions revolve around tips that you need to follow for choosing the perfect and custom font style for your action figures. It explains the elements that you must know and check when your designers provide your logo and other text on the action figure box template.

Therefore, you need to know about basic types of font styles, demographics, legibility, the weight of fonts, colours, a combination of fonts for one box or logo. Plus, it explains the platform of free and paid font styles that you can get for your box packaging. Plus, the font style that you can use on your action figure packaging is not only your favourite but also meet the need of your target audience.