Dalci’s inventor recently gave us an insight into her entrepreneurial experience. The story of the GoPuff Driver App revolves around supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs in your community. Our company was founded by two first-generation entrepreneurs, Rafael Ilishayev and Yakir Gola, with nothing more than a modest car and a lofty objective.

Why are we so devoted to sharing our business strategy with other small business owners?

We know how important it is to our consumers and to ourselves to support small, family-owned businesses wherever we can. Eighty-eight percent of Go Puff Driver App users said they prefer to support small businesses and buy local products over national brands.

A platform for the Go Puff Driver App

Because of this, the Go Puff Driver App and distribution network assist these tiny businesses to reach even more people, while also offering our customers access to locally sourced goods delivered in just a few short minutes.

.Hundreds of small-business owners, many of them from previously underrepresented groups, will have their products distributed across the country by 2021.

The name Najwa Khan is commonly used.

To celebrate Najwa Khan, one of our great female small business owners, we’ve included her in this week’s spotlight. When Najwa was plague by health issues and fad diets, she launched the dance brand. In addition to her Almond Butter Dark Chocolate Gut-Healthy Brownies and Lemon Coconut Gut-Healthy Brownies, which are both ready to eat, she has made several other gut-friendly brownies.

Getting Started in Business with Najwa Khan

The Go Puff Driver App co-founder, Najwa, recently chatted with us about her entrepreneurial experience and the advice she has for other young women.

Share Your Entrepreneurial Story.

Najib: Although this is my first time starting a company from scratch, I’ve worked at startups for the last decade. This gave me the confidence to go after my entrepreneurial goals.

I started Go Puff Driver App in the middle of the pandemic in the summer of 2020. On the day we launched dalci.com, I learned I was expecting my first child. The first year of my company was a blur of self-employment and high-risk pregnancy as I baked, packaged, shipped, and raised money.

To get through these tough times, I expanded our manufacturing and facilities teams, focused on direct-to-consumer sales, and refined our brownies and packaging by soliciting input from customers.

Brownies that are fresh, clean, and utterly scrumptious

Now that both my baby and dalci are over a year old, I’m ready to grow dance and offer our fresh, clean, and tasty brownies to a wider audience with Go Puff Discount Code.

What Motivated You To Begin Your Own Business?

In the original and evolving Go Puff Driver App, I didn’t feel like there was a food ally, Najwa In order to be “healthier,” I felt pressured as a customer to eat a certain manner, avoid specific foods, or adhere to a fad diet.

Food should enjoy, rather than limit, and a brand I felt connected to was missing from my life.

When I was looking for a dessert brand that was both clean and tasty, I couldn’t locate a single packaged snack, dessert, or bar that was all three of those things.

The product that isn’t too complicated

I was looking for a simple, clean, and sweet product that didn’t require me to be a baker and that satisfied my sweet tooth. The firm that could help me eat healthfully and delightfully appealed to me the most. When I’d had enough of moaning, I started my own startup, Go Puff Driver App, and I’ve never looked back.

What sparked your desire to create Dalci? What Does The Name Mean?

Go Puff Driver App became a staple in my diet after I became sick of diet culture and unhealthy food relationships. A holistic approach to food has allowed me to enjoy dessert again after years of struggling with health issues and trying out every fad diet under the sun.

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As a public health professional, I’m concerned about the messages we provide young children about food, bodies, and health. Over half of young girls believe they need to reduce weight,

and over half of all Americans worry about it on a regular basis.

As someone who has struggled with body image issues

and poor food connections her entire life, I am aware of the dangers of promoting fads and elimination diets.

I was able to repair my stomach and my food beliefs by adopting a holistic approach to eating

and allowing myself to eat what I liked. In my opinion, we all deserve to live in a world where we can enjoy both cake and ice cream. I built Go Puff Driver App because of this.

The Word Dalci

Comes from the Bengali term dalchini, which signifies cinnamon. Spice was a way of life for me growing up in a South Asian and Moroccan household.

Cinnamon brings back happy memories of time spent in the kitchen with my family, preparing meals and sharing meals. I chose the name dalci for my firm because I want it to be a brand that makes people smile.

In starting your business, what were some of the challenges you face and how did you overcome them?

Najwa: We had to be a perishable product right from the start. When compare to most pre-packaged foods, our brownies degrade quickly since they are create from scratch. We had to self-produce because we couldn’t immediately turn to a co-manufacturer.

Brownies must keep frozen or chilled to get the most flavor out of the dalci. It was our responsibility to produce, ship, and store our products without the aid of a third-party vendor.

When starting a new firm, it can be extremely difficult and expensive to produce everything on your own. 

For the most part, we’ve been able to count on the assistance of consumers and partners like Gopuff, who are enthusiastic about our brownies and have previous experience working with perishable treats. In order to expand, we just moved to a larger facility.