For any campaign to be successful it needs to be carefully planned; this holds true for your Google Adwords campaign as well. A strategy needs to be mapped out with careful research and planning. For small companies or companies that provide businesses, it is crucial that their campaign strategies are crafted meticulously to help them stand out from their competition.

With the following tips, you will be able to make your carpet cleaning business stand out from the rest and improve your profits from your Google Adwords campaign. These strategies have been proven to be effective in the past, and when executed correctly, they can help you grow your business.

Use the Google Ad preview tool to monitor your competitors

The Google ad preview tool will come in handy when you need to monitor your competitors. When you are in the service industry, it is crucial that you keep up with what your competitors are doing. To ensure that you do not lose out on business, you need to be alert so that you can counter their every move! With the help of Google Ad preview, you can easily view all the promotions or discounts that your competitors are currently offering, and then you can alter your strategy accordingly.

Mention your eco-friendly products

When consumers who are looking to hire carpet cleaning services have pets or kids, they are more concerned about the adverse side effects that cleaning products may have. By highlighting the fact that your products are environmentally friendly, you can not only show that you care about the environment but also assure your prospective clients that your cleaning products will not be harmful to children or animals.

Use reviews as keywords

When a consumer wants to hire some service, they will look at the reviews for all of the places nearby to find out which one offers the best service. When a consumer reads positive reviews they are more likely to opt for that service, hence, by using words like “XY carpet cleaning review” on your website, the chances of your website showing up on the search result page are increase. Of course, when you have a separate section for reviews on your website, it allows visitors to not only view your service but also read what others are saying about it.

Use long-tail keywords

When you want your campaign to be successful, you would want to go after the shorter keywords, right? Well, when you use long-tail keywords, not only do you reduce your CPC (cost per click), as longer keywords have lesser competition for them during Adword auction, but you also improve your rankings since longer keywords are more relevant to the content which is on your landing page. Hence you get a better ranking, while also reducing your advertising cost, which leads to an effective Adword strategy. 

Get in touch with an efficient website company Adelaide, which can help you come up with effective strategies. With their help, you can improve the way that you market your services, and improve your conversion rates.  

Adwords Features You Must Use in Your Next Campaign

Google always strives for perfection, which is why they are constantly trying to improve its functions and add more features to the different processes. Take Ad words, for example, Google has been continuously adding new features to it to help improve the way it works.

With so many new features at your fingertips, it can be extremely challenging to know what you should and should not use. We are here to tell you more about the features which can improve your next campaign!

Ad Customizers

If you offer discounts often on your website or limited-time offers, then you will know that it used to be a struggle to update your ads on Google. But that problem is a thing of the past now, thanks to this nifty feature of Ad Customizers.

App Promotion Ads

Wonder why all businesses seem to have an app nowadays? It is because they are the most effective in offering their customers a rich shopping experience. Now, with the help of the App Promotion feature, consumers can download apps directly from the results page! 

Demographic Targeting Ads

With this feature, it will become easier for you to see whether or not your target demographic is engaging with your ads. Now, you will be able to see who is clicking on your ads, their age, their gender, and other useful information. It provides excellent insight into how effective your ad campaign is.

Adwords Editor

It used to be quite challenging to edit Adwords from your PC, but not anymore! With this update, Google made editing Adwords as easy as pie!

To make sure your ad campaign is as effective as it can be, you need to have a carefully planned strategy. Seattle fence contractors